Lighting and Grip Stands
Manfrotto 012 Floor Stand$6.00
Manfrotto 032 Autopole$12.00
Manfrotto 004 Maxi Light Stand$6.00
Matthews 20" C-Stand with Grip Arm$10.00
Matthews 40" C-Stand with Grip Arm$10.00
C-Stand Cart$12.00
Matthews Low Boy Roller Stand$20.00
Matthews Med. Overhead Roller Stand$20.00
Matthews High Overhead Roller Stand$20.00
Matthews Sky-High Overhead Roller Stand$20.00
Matthews High Combo Stand (Rocky Mountain Leg)$20.00
Matthews Mombo Combo Stand (Rocky Mountain Leg)$24.00
Manfrotto Heavy Duty Roller Crank Stand$58.00

9' Background Support System$15.00
includes: extendable crossbar, 2 004 stands
12' Background Support System$58.00
includes: 15' sectional crossbar, 2 pipe clamps, medium overhead roller stands, 4 15lb sandbags
Manfrotto Superboom$28.00
includes: roller stand, counterweight
Matthews Mini Boom Arm$12.00
Matthews Junior Boom Arm$12.00
Matthews MiniMax Boom$45.00
Manfrotto Mega Boom$68.00
includes: 35lb counterweight
small, medium or large
Matthews Quacker Clamp$6.00
Matthews Super Clamp with Stud$6.00
Matthews Matthelini Clamp$10.00
Matthews Big Ben Clamp$8.00
Manfrotto J-Hook for Super Clamp$2.00
Manfrotto Magic Arm for Super Clamp$12.00
Matthews Baby Plate$2.00
3" & 6" Stud
Frames and Fabrics
Matthews 4x4 ft. Gel Frame$20.00
Matthews 6x6 ft. Frame$28.00
Matthews 8x8 ft. Frame$38.00
Matthews 12x12 ft. Frame$42.00
Matthews 20x20 ft. Frame$65.00

Matthews 6x6 ft. Silk$28.00
Matthews 6x6 ft. Duvetyne$28.00
Matthews 6x6 ft. Silver$22.00
Matthews 6x6 ft. Gold$22.00

NEW!  Matthews 8x8 ft. ¼ Stop Silk$42.00
Matthews 8x8 ft. Silk$32.00
Matthews 8x8 ft. Bleached Muslin$32.00
Matthews 8x8 ft. Duvetyne$32.00
NEW!  Matthews 8x8 ft. China Silk$48.00
NEW!  Matthews 8x8 ft. Ultrabounce$58.00

NEW!  Matthews 12x12 ft. ¼ Stop Silk$46.00
Matthews 12x12 ft. Silk$36.00
NEW!  Matthews 12x12 ft. Bleached Muslin$36.00
Matthews 12x12 ft. Duvetyne$36.00
Matthews 12x12 ft. Clear Griffolyn$36.00
NEW!  Matthews 12x12 ft. China Silk$58.00
NEW!  Matthews 12x12 ft. Ultrabounce$88.00
NEW!  Matthews 12x12 ft. Black Ground Cover - Cordura$48.00

Matthews 20x20 ft. Silk$58.00
Matthews 20x20 ft. Duvetyne$64.00

Matthews 10x10 ft. Duvetyne$36.00

Matthews 6x6 ft. Overhead Kit$68.00
includes: 1 medium roller stands, 1 6x6 ft. frame, 1 6x6 ft. fabric *
Matthews 8x8 ft. Overhead Kit $74.00
includes: 2 medium roller stands, 1 8x8 ft. frame, 1 8x8 ft. fabric *
Matthews 12x12 ft. Overhead Kit$78.00
includes: 2 high roller stands, 1 12x12 ft. frame, 1 12x12 ft. fabric *
*please inquire for other materials not listed here
Flags and Scrims
Matthews 12x18 inch Flag$6.00
Matthews 18x24 inch Flag$6.00
Matthews 24x36 inch Flag$6.00
Matthews 18x48 inch Cutter$14.00
Matthews 24x72 inch Cutter$14.00
Matthews 4x4 ft. Floppy$24.00
Matthews Flag Kit $28.00
includes: 2 12x18" flags, 2 18x24" flags, 2 24x36" flags

Matthews 18x24 inch Silk$6.00
Matthews 24x36 inch Silk$8.00
Matthews 4x4 ft. Silk$24.00

Matthews 18x24 inch Single Net$8.00
Matthews 18x24 inch Double Net$8.00
Matthews 24x36 inch Single Net$10.00
Matthews 24x36 inch Double Net$10.00
Matthews 4x4 ft. Single Net$24.00
Matthews 4x4 ft. Double Net$24.00
Apple Boxes
1/8 Apple Box$4.00
1/4 Apple Box$4.00
1/2 Apple Box$4.00
Full Applebox$4.00
Sand Bags
15 lb. Cordura Shotbag$5.00
15 lb. Sandbag$2.00
25 lb. Sandbag$3.00
35 lb. Sandbag$4.00
Sandbag Transport Cart$12.00
For use with 15 lb. sandbags
3x4 ft. California Sunbounce with one fabric$22.00
3x4 ft. Silver/White Fabric$15.00
3x4 ft. Zebra/White Fabric$15.00
3x4 ft. Black/Soft White Fabric$15.00
3x4 ft. Silk Fabric$15.00

4x6 ft. California Sunbounce with one fabric$32.00
4x6 ft. Silver/White Fabric$20.00
4x6 ft. Zebra/White Fabric$20.00
4x6 ft. Black/Soft White Fabric$20.00
4x6 ft. Silk Fabric$20.00
NEW!  California Sunbounce 4x6 ft. Sunswatter$50.00
includes: Sun-Swatter Pro Frame, Sun-Swatter 2/3 Stop Silk, Grip Head, Tuning Clip Pro (4 Pack), Boom Stick, Transport Bag.

Chimera 42x72" Frame with Fabric$32.00
Chimera 42x72" Silk$15.00
Chimera 42x72" Silver/Black Fabric$15.00

6x6 ft. Westcott Scrim Jim with one Fabric, Ears$45.00
6x6 ft. Black Fabric$18.00
6x6 ft. Siver/White Fabric$18.00
6x6 ft. ¾ Stop Silk Fabric$18.00
6x6 ft. 1-¼ Stop Silk Fabric$18.00

Photoflex Convertible 42'' Light Disc$18.00
Profoto 47" Silver/White Handheld Reflector$18.00

4x4 ft. Silver/White Reflector$12.00

Foamcore B&W V-Flats - 3/16" sheets$20.00
Odds and Ends
Reel EFX RE 2 Turbo Fan$65.00
Magliner Pro Camera Cart with 18" Shelves$45.00
Magliner Pro Camera Cart with 24" Shelves$55.00

All prices listed are for a 24 hour period. Weekly rates are calculated at 4 times the daily rate.

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