For pricing, please send us a list of your equipment needs and we’ll quote you a comprehensive package price.
Lighting and Grip Stands
Manfrotto 012 Floor Stand
Manfrotto 032 Autopole
Manfrotto 004 Maxi Light Stand
Matthews 20" C-Stand with Grip Arm
Matthews 40" C-Stand with Grip Arm
Matthews Runway Base
C-Stand Cart
Matthews Beefy Baby Triple Riser Stand (Rocky Mountain Leg)
Matthews Baby Roller Triple Riser Stand
Matthews Low Boy Double Riser Roller Stand
Matthews Low Boy Double Riser Combo Stand (Rocky Mountain Leg)
Matthews Medium Triple Riser Overhead Roller Stand
Matthews High Quad Riser Overhead Roller Stand
Matthews Sky-High Triple Riser Overhead Roller Stand
Matthews Triple Riser Combo Stand (Rocky Mountain Leg)
Matthews Quad Riser Mombo Combo Stand (Rocky Mountain Leg)
Manfrotto Wind-Up Stand (Rocky Mountain Leg)
Avenger Super Wind Up Stand (Rocky Mountain Leg)

9' Background Support System
includes: extendable crossbar, 2 004 stands
12' Background Support System
includes: 15' sectional crossbar, 2 pipe clamps, medium overhead roller stands, 4 15lb sandbags
Manfrotto Superboom
includes: roller stand, counterweight
Matthews Mini Boom Arm
Matthews Junior Boom Arm
Manfrotto Mega Boom
includes: 35lb counterweight
small, medium or large
Matthews Quacker Clamp
Matthews Super Clamp with Stud
Matthews Matthelini Clamp
Baby Grid Clamp
Matthews Big Ben Clamp
Extendelini for Matthellini
Junior Grid Clamp
Matthews 90° Grid Clamp
Manfrotto J-Hook for Super Clamp
Manfrotto Magic Arm for Super Clamp
Junior Offset Arm
Matthews Baby Plate
3" & 6" Stud
Speedrail Hardware
5 foot Speedrail
8 foot Speedrail
10 foot Speedrail
12 foot Speedrail
15 foot Speedrail
Speedrail Connector
Speedrail Corner
Speedrail Ear
Backdrop Ear
Frames and Fabrics
Matthews 4x4 foot Gel Frame
Matthews 6x6 foot Overhead Frame
Matthews 8x8 foot Overhead Frame
Matthews 12x12 foot Overhead Frame
Matthews 20x20 foot Overhead Frame

Matthews 6x6 foot Poly Silk
Matthews 6x6 foot Bleached Muslin
Matthews 6x6 foot Solid
Matthews 6x6 foot Silver Fabric
Matthews 6x6 foot Gold Fabric

Matthews 8x8 foot ¼ Stop Silk
Matthews 8x8 foot Poly Silk
Matthews 8x8 foot Bleached Muslin
Matthews 8x8 foot Solid
Matthews 8x8 foot China Silk
Matthews 8x8 foot Ultrabounce

Matthews 12x12 foot Quarter Stop Silk
Matthews 12x12 foot Poly Silk
Matthews 12x12 foot Bleached Muslin
Matthews 12x12 foot Grey Muslin
Matthews 12x12 foot Solid
Matthews 12x12 foot Clear Griffolyn
Matthews 12x12 foot China Silk
Matthews 12x12 foot Ultrabounce

Matthews 20x20 foot Poly Silk
20 X 20 foot Night Grey Muslin
Matthews 20x20 foot Solid
Matthews 20x20 Ultrabounce

Matthews 6x6 foot Overhead Kit
includes: 1 medium roller stands, 1 6x6 foot frame, 1 6x6 foot fabric *
Matthews 8x8 foot Overhead Kit
includes: 2 medium roller stands, 1 8x8 foot frame, 1 8x8 foot fabric *
Matthews 12x12 foot Overhead Kit
includes: 2 high roller stands, 1 12x12 foot frame, 1 12x12 foot fabric *
*please inquire for other materials not listed here

Flags, Nets, Scrims, and Floppies
12x18 inch Flag

18x24 inch Single Net
18x24 inch Double Net
18x24 inch Silk Frame
18x24 inch Flag

24x36 inch Single Net
24x36 inch Double Net
24x36 inch Silk Frame
24x36 inch Flag
24x36 inch Flag Bag

Flag/Net Kit
includes: 1 18x24" Single Net, 1 18x24" Double Net, 1 18x24" Flag, 1 24x36" Single Net, 1 24x36" Double Net, 1 24x36" Flag, 1 24x36" Flag Bag
Flag Kit
includes: 2 12x18" flags, 2 18x24" flags, 2 24x36" flags, 1 24x36" Flag Bag

10x42 inch Cutter
18x48 inch Cutter
24x72 inch Cutter

40x40 inch Silk Frame
40x40 inch Ultrabounce Floppy
40x40 inch Floppy
40x40 inch Flag Bag

4x4 foot Single Net
4x4 foot Double Net
4x4 foot Silk Frame
4x4 foot Transparent Shield Floppy
4x4 foot Ultrabounce Floppy
4x4 foot Floppy
4x4 foot Flag Bag

3x4 foot California Sunbounce with one fabric
Sunbounce 3x4 foot 1/3 Stop
Sunbounce 3x4 foot Silver/White Fabric
Sunbounce 3x4 foot Zebra/White Fabric
Sunbounce 3x4 foot Black/Soft White Fabric

4x6 foot California Sunbounce with one fabric
Sunbounce 4x6 foot 1/3 Stop
Sunbounce 4x6 foot Silver/White Fabric
Sunbounce 4x6 foot Zebra/White Fabric
Sunbounce 4x6 foot Black/Soft White Fabric
California Sunbounce 4x6 foot Sunswatter
includes: Sun-Swatter Pro Frame, Sun-Swatter 2/3 Stop Silk, Grip Head, Tuning Clip Pro (4 Pack), Boom Stick, Transport Bag.

Chimera 42x72" Frame with Fabric
Chimera 42x72" Silk
Chimera 42x72" Silver/Black Fabric

6x6 foot Westcott Scrim Jim Frame, with one Fabric and Ears
Scrim Jim 6x6 foot Solid Fabric
Scrim Jim 6x6 foot Siver/White Fabric
Scrim Jim 6x6 foot ¾ Stop Silk Fabric
Scrim Jim 6x6 foot 1-¼ Stop Silk Fabric

Photoflex Convertible 42'' Light Disc
Profoto 47" Silver/White Handheld Reflector

4x4 foot Silver/White Reflector

Matthews 12x12 foot Black Ground Cover - Cordura
Grip Hardware
Autopole Extension
BJ Adapter
Combo Caster
Junior Offset Arm
Manfrotto 272 Telescopic 10' Crossbar
Matthews 12" Baby Extension
Matthews 2-1/2" Grip Head
Matthews 20" Grip Arm Complete
Matthews 4 Baby Pin Head Bracket
Matthews 4-1/2" Grip Head
Matthews 40" Grip Arm Complete
Matthews 6" Pin
Matthews Baby Ball Head Adapter
Matthews Safety Cable
Tennis Ball Smiley
Apple Boxes
1/8 Apple Box
1/4 Apple Box
1/2 Apple Box
Full Applebox
Sand Bags
15 lb. Sandbag
15 lb. Water Repellent Shot Bag
15 lb. Cordura Shotbag
25 lb. Sandbag
25 lb. Water Repellent Shot Bag
35 lb. Sandbag
Sandbag Transport Cart
For use with 15 lb. sandbags
Reel EFX RE 2 Turbo Fan
Magliner 18" Junior Cart
Magliner 24" Junior Cart

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